A Romantic Retreat for You and Your BUsiness


April 30-May 2, 2021

What is Bizmoon?

1. A gathering of women biz owners and nonprofit leaders.

2. a working weekend liberally sprinkled with swoon-worthy spa services and to-die-for catering.

You’re planning for 2021 to be the year you break through the ceiling on sales. You know you need to put in work to make it happen. You’ve got your vision board plans STRAIGHT. You’re working for yourself, living the dream, building a legacy of wealth for your family…

Oh, wait. You’re actually scrambling to fix dinner. Solving this client issue. Putting out that fire. Comforting a friend. It’s too easy for real life to get in the way of the things you need to do so your business can thrive.

And that’s why I’m inviting you to Bizmoon. You deserve some uninterrupted time to love on your business and yourself. Pack up your laptop and some comfy athleisure gear. I’ll bring the tech skills and my biz besties, and together we’ll take a deep dive into real strategic planning AND EXECUTION to make your goals happen.

(Be ready to put your phone on ‘do not disturb’ for most of each day.)


Complete the essential tasks you keep putting off, like recording videos, updating your website content, and streamlining your workflows

recharge your batteries with morning yoga and mouthwatering meals with new friends - plus a spa brunch on Sunday morning

plan & write those social media posts and load them up so you don't waste precious time every day

set realistic prices so you can live, design service workflows so you can thrive

refresh your brand identity so your business truly reflects your style and values


We're headed to a swanky secret location near Atlanta. Don't wanna drive? relax on the tour bus!

your guide

I’m taking you away from the same-old routine so you can flourish! Let’s go work and play without pesky interruptions and get this !sht done!

Dr. Lisa does...

Want to support amazing women business owners and enjoy a weekend getaway while you do it?

speak at Bizmoon!

As a Bizmoon session leader, you can help overwhelmed women in business move towards their goals while you increase your influence. We offer some really nice perks, too!

Let's do this.

focus. flourish.

Make a commitment to pour into yourself
– and your business – 
so you can be awesome for others.

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