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Tech Strategy for Sustainability
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Strategic Planning Makes for Better Business Decisions.

Marketing & Business Technology Strategy

Dr. Lisa Richardson wants small business owners to make better technology decisions and helps guide clients through the “unsexy essentials” needed to create a dynamic, competitive brand identity in an increasingly digital world. As a Strategic Planning Consultant, Dr. Lisa focuses on start-ups and “very small” businesses because she believes deeply in their importance in the community and to local economic development. By choosing to utilize the right systems and tools, small businesses can gain traction in a competitive field against corporate players.

With a Ph.D. in Higher Education Administration specializing in Instructional Technology, Dr. Lisa uses her experience working in higher education to inform her consultancy. She guides her clients through total re-branding, establishing comprehensive digital platforms that are customized to their specific needs. Through workshops and speaking engagements, Dr. Lisa uses her twenty-six years of experience in professional development to educate on marketing technology and digital planning. A digital presence is essential in today’s fast-paced business landscape, and Dr. Lisa helps clients and students navigate their way to a profitable, sustainable business.

Marketing Tech

Connect the dots to build a cohesive promotion strategy.

Website Care

"Unsexy essentials" that keep your business going.

Real-World Pricing

How to charge a profitable rate without guilt.

Tech Planning

Build a long term plan for your online operations.

Make informed tech decisions and secure the future of your business.

Ready to Talk Tech?

You’ll get entertaining and informative sessions where your attendees leave with actionable knowledge and even new skill sets to take back to work right away.

Not if you’re looking for social media marketing tricks and audience growth. I speak to the MECHANICS of social media and content distribution. Think “how can Hootsuite help me” rather than “how can we be more visible on Facebook.”

I can help your people learn new things in fun ways – I believe that accomplishment is the best motivator. I empower teams with practical knowledge and I’m happy to craft a keynote-length session or a breakout appropriate for your event. 

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