Have a healthy relationship with your biztech!

Master the unsexy essentials that power your business.

Dr. Lisa Richardson helps small biz owners make better tech decisions for their business.

Future-Focused Marketing and Business Tech Strategy

From marketing automation to hiring technical service providers, Dr. Lisa challenges your audience to embrace tech planning for Efficiency, Security, & Powerful Profitability

How does Dr. Lisa add value to your conference or summit?

Does your women's entrepreneurship or empowerment program have a business tech strategy speaker?

Part of the reason is simply the small percentage of women in the field. But more often, tech tools and strategy are just never considered at all.

Let’s fix that.

After decades of being the “homegirl helpdesk,” Dr. Lisa has built her tech consulting and management business on supporting and training small business owners in the systems that help them make money.

Bring those lessons to your audience and stand out as a leader in presenting events that serve her whole business.

Dr. Lisa has been teaching and speaking on software applications and technology strategy at international conferences, regional business associations, and in the classroom for 13 years.

Power up your event with information and techniques your audience can take back to the office and work on right away.


Understand your numbers for social media and your website so you can make informed content decisions


Set yourself up for success with processes that manage your business tasks while you get some rest & self-care

Remote Teams

Learn to be an effective leader that strikes the right balance between laissez-faire and micromanagement

Payment Processing

Get paid fairly for the amazing work you do - without making your clients jump through insecure hoops

Don't let fear steal from your pockets.

Let's talk about the real reason that technology planning never makes it into those small business strategy sessions & masterminds.

Even mom-and-pop shops need a technology plan. To keep your business relevant and sustainable in our ever-changing world, you need to keep up with what customers expect from a modern business. Give it to them on your terms.

Let’s conquer the invisible blocks keeping you from taking the steps to become a future-ready business.

Cover your assets. Always.

It ain't sexy but you need website maintenance.

It’s just like insurance. You hate that you have to pay for it, but you’re damn glad to have it if you have an accident.

Website maintenance is probably the most underrated, most boringest thing to consider in your technology plan. But it’s absolutely essential to your online business success.

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Let's talk about your tech strategy and power up your profits.

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